Meet the Owners


CJ and Emory Vandiver opened Catawba River Antique Mall in October 2013.  They also own Majestic Mill Weddings, which operates two wedding venues at the same location as the antique mall.

CJ is a North Carolina native who has spent most of her career managing or owning businesses.  Her customer service skills and creativity serve her very well as the owner and wedding coordinator at Majestic Mill Weddings.  She also helps Emory in running the antique mall.  CJ's hobbies include travel, flower arrangement, golf and spending time with her grandkids and her dog Dusty.  CJ has also written her own book "Become a Miracle!"  

Emory is a Charlotte native who has owned businesses most of his life including such businesses as Legends of Racing, Mighty Dollar and Choice Trucks.  He currently acts as the general manager of Catawba River Antique Mall.  Emory's hobbies include NASCAR (his Dad Jim raced in NASCAR's top division for 15 years, finishing 2nd in the 1969 Talladega 500 and 3rd in the 1972 Daytona 500), golf, traveling with CJ and softball.  He is a 10-time softball World Champion with his most recent championship coming in 2019 in Salem, VA.

CJ and Emory Vandiver are the sole owners of Catawba River Antique Mall and do not have any affiliation with any other antique malls or stores.